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Classaroke, this is operetta karaoke – operetta to sing along. Three editions with the best known operetta melodies have already been published.

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All DVDs offer:

  • 6 operetta hits with 4 audio and 3 video versions
  • Audio extras: you can change between
    • 3 different pitches in the karaoke version
    • (low, middle, high)
    • 1 professionally sung original version
  • Video extras to select:
    • Karaoke with photos by Harald Seisenbacher
    • Karaoke with conductor Dian Tchobanov
    • Karaoke with score/notes (own arrangements)

The songs of all three editions are also available on an audio CD with the original versions!

More information (covers, inlays):

volume1 volume2 volume3 cd1
DVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
DVD Volume 3
Audio CD 1